CBD Clinique’s values are to elevate, enable & assemble confidence in Women & Men around the globe by creating a premium brand that empowers both inward and external beauty. Our regime is built upon the mantra of simplicity. All our amazing, tested products will simplify your skincare regime and leave your skin looking radiant, healthy and younger without overcomplicating.

CBD Clinique

In creating CBD Clinique We value all skin types and more importantly, respecting someone who values skincare. 

Instead of using molecules that disturb the skins natural renewal, Our high end premium CBD molecules that are designed to help the superficial process of the natural moisture barriers to the skin. 

Our strong, ethical believes that we should work with the skin, not against it – signals a strong fundamental change on skincare. A new-age, gender -neutral, genre-busting skin care range. 

CBD Clinique is the result of a passion to help women and men restore their skin, The Clinique CBD team have researched the heritage of CBD & built a strong supply chain to create a skincare range that is ethical and suitable for all skin types. All of our CBD infused products are intended to make women and men put their best self forward while keeping up the well-being and care of their skin. 

CBD Clinique’s mission is to become the skin care industry leader through education in order to promote a more conscious culture. We will build a global personal care brand, which encourages a more conscious culture. We aim to encourage people to consider their health, inside and out. 

Our Vision

Our Essence

At the core of our identity are empowerment and liberation. We are committed to using the maximum levels of the best ingredients to promote natural health and well-being while being completely transparent to all our customers. Clinique CBD is more than a skin care company, We are a lifestyle, an innovator and a family, our products are a reflection of the philosophy. We take pride from every step of our production, whether it be sourcing our ingredients from sustainable resources to our customer focused team being honest and transparent with every customer. 

Our Mission

To create simple, pure and results driven skincare. 

The inception of the CBD Clinique brand began when Joanna formulated their first product to help combat the dryness and irritation of her mother’s severe eczema & arthritis from there, They built a clean, simple results-driven skincare brand that blends the forefront of biotechnology with the timeless healing properties of CBD. 




We are honest, ethical and a passionate team that can be counted on. We have worked vigorously to get the correct supply chain in a unregulated area. All our products are tested by an external laboratory. Our range has been formulated to help make a change to not only a person’s skin but their life’s. 



We are a team of passionate pharmacist, scientists and people that really do care. We believe that no one should put up with not being happy with their skin. All our products are made with the highest quality ingredients. Our innovative minds are always looking to bring new products that best suit the needs of our customers. All of experience has given us the opportunity to catapult Natural CBD in all our amazing products. 



Nothing should stand between you and beautiful skin. We believe in empowering everyone and making natural CBD products that can help everyone achieve the skin of their dreams. 

We offer our customers the opportunity to source the CBD back to its heritage and origin by using the batch number on the back of the bottle. 



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